Adam Road Dental Centre – Missed Appointments

Adam Road Dental Centre -missed appointments

A message from the School Dentist – Adam Road Dental Therapy Centre

Dear Parents and Patients,

We have been experiencing a very high rate of missed appointments at our centre.

If you cannot attend or wish to change your appointment, please call the clinic on 9795 8904 to leave a message or you can email us.

If you have changed your address or phone number, please call us to update our records. If we don’t have your current contact details, we have no way of contacting you to arrange appointments.

Attending regular dental appointments is very important to your child’s dental health.

Our clinic operates on bookings; we are not a walk-in service. If your child requires emergency dental care please call us and we will let you know the earliest time we can see them or let your know of other options.

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.

Adam Road Dental Team – School Dental Service